Denton & Baker Services

Below is a partial list of Denton & Baker services:

Evaluation of Self-Insured Plan Costs/Insured Medical

Assessment and Presentation of Available Options

Assessment of Health Insurance Needs/Technical Evaluation

Member Surveys (importance of making determination of "needs")

Survey of Employees

Assistance with the Solicitation and Selection of Vendors

Basic Implementation Services

Ongoing Benefits Consulting

Employee Communications, Handbooks, Brochures, etc.

Voluntary Benefits (dental, vision, disability, life, etc.)

Bid-Out/Marketing of Group Life/LTD/Long-Term Care/AD&D/Travel
Accident and All Other Group Products

Insured Medical/Individual Medical

Trusts/Stop-Loss Coverage/TPA Search/Managed Pharmacy Benefit
Search and Administration/UM-UR Search and Audit

Evaluation Trusts needs/Form 990s/Reserve Calculations for the Trust

Analysis and Redesign for the Medical Plan/The Migration Theory

Audit of Underwriting Processes and Procedures/Reengineering

Long Term Disability Buy-ups and Group Term Life Carve Out

Executive Compensation

Full Communication, Enrollment and SPD Services (including
Internet and Intranet enrollment)

Additional Services

Denton & Baker Insurance and staff will provide help with any or all the following for our clients and their families:

Health Plan/Benefit Questions

Medical Claims/Appeals

Insurance Carrier Web Site for Employers Online Access

Employee Changes/Terminations/New Hires

Re-Order ID Cards

Network Provider Look-Up

Assistance with Enrollment

Medical Reimbursement Plans

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